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A new point of view for Critical Care ultrasound
Breakthrough technology should not make your life more complex. Quite the opposite. It should remove complexity that creates a barrier to doing what matters most: providing the best care possible for your patients. Philips Sparq ultrasound system delivers by providing a new ultrasound experience. It makes scanning and interpreting quality ultrasound images at the point of care as simple as possible, so you can work fast and with ease, giving you more time to focus on your patients.

A uniquely simplified ultrasound system
To make scanning easy, Sparq is designed with an Intuitive Dynamic Interface that eliminates knobs or buttons. To decrease interaction with system controls, AutoSCAN automatically identifies tissue type and continuously adjusts image gain while scanning. SmartExam protocols offer on-screen guides for specific exam types and automate system functions. Adding to the ease of use is Simplicity Mode, a one-touch solution that presents only the ultrasound functions that you use most often. Sparq also features three-point EF, a time-saving tool that creates LV traces based on the selection of three points on the image.

The ergonomic design, with height adjustment and a large 17-inch monitor on
an articulating arm makes Sparq easy to position even in the most challenging clinical environments.

To provide you quick access to ultrasound imaging, Sparq features multiple transducer options with fast switch capability, and a temporary ID function that assigns a unique, temporary number to each unidentified patient.

To provide you quick access to ultrasound imaging, Sparq features multiple transducer options with fast switch capability. At the beginning of an exam, the Exam Dashboard seamlessly walks you through the steps needed to start imaging. Or you can use the optional barcode scanner to obtain patient information from your hospital-generated barcode, accelerating efficiency and decreasing data entry errors.

Sparq also features a long battery life that provides mobility and access at the bedside. A sealed, easy-to-clean, tempered glass control panel facilitates disinfecting.

Easy procedure guidance
Sparq features technology that improves needle guidance. Needle Visualization enhances the presentation of the needle without degrading the surrounding tissue image, facilitating quick needle guidance to the target anatomy.To make it easy to conduct out-of-plane procedures, Philips L12-4 and C6-2 transducers have a centerline mark that corresponds to a centerline on the image.
The system also features an on-screen gridline display that provides visual target and distance estimation. Depth markers provides instant information about image depth, with no need to perform a specific measurement.
Sparq offers the following clinical applications suited for critical care ultrasound:
• Cardiac and TEE
• Lung
• Vascular Access
• Abdomen
• Nerve (0-4 cm, 4-6 cm, 6+ cm)
• Vascular (Venous and Arterial)
• Ocular
• Superficial
• Pelvic (including bladder)

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