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Enhanced image quality
We’ve incorporated the most innovative imaging and optimization technologies into our ultrasound platforms.

Our iU22 and HD11 XE systems are ideal for assisting in diagnosing suspicious lesions in the breast, liver, renal, gynecological, and prostate.

With a Philips system you’ll see:
More sharply defined structures
Clearer edge definition
Increased tissue texture differentiation

The iU22 system combines exciting technologies and superb imaging performance on a user-centric ergonomically-designed cart - unlike any other ultrasound system available. The Diamond Select iU22 configuration could include the following:

iU22 base system
Base includes: CPA, 3D CPA, xRes, iScan
Options available include:
Panoramic Imaging,
4D Capability
Quantification packages
Live 3D Capability
Live Xplane Capability
Full range of broadband transducers

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