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Delivering premium performance across your practice
The CX50 CompactXtreme provides premium class performance for your practice – in your main office, including special procedure suites, labor and delivery, as well as satellite locations. Going mobile doesn’t mean you have to compromise performance for portability.

Premium performance
The CX50 system was designed for your varied requirements. Its premium imaging and Doppler performance are possible because of clinically proven capabilities migrated from the iU22 system. The CX50 supports PureWave transducers, SonoCT compound imaging, and advanced XRES to help you acquire clear diagnostic data across your patient population. And new needle visualization capabilities provide enhanced visualization of the needle position during biopsy, drainage and delivery of regional anesthesia.
PureWave for all your patients
The C5-1 PureWave curved array transducer was designed for technically challenging studies, including pregnant and obese patients. You can image a wide range of patient types with one transducer. Exceptional tissue detail makes it easier to find structures, such as fetal anatomy. Specialty exams benefit from PureWave technology too, with the C9-3v transducer and its exceptional clarity for gynecological exams and procedures.

Workflow that works for you
Exams anywhere become easy with a suite of tools to streamline studies.
iSCAN – quickly and automatically adjusts system parameters in both 2D and Doppler modes based on patient and exam types. Fewer keystrokes are needed and you can count the best image clarity possible in each exam.
Active native data – adjusts virtually all imaging parameters during or after exams, enhancing diagnostic details, shortening exam times, and reducing the need to repeat studies.
SmartExam system guided protocols – easy to use and customize to fit your requirements. Save time, reduce repeated moves, and increase efficiency and consistency of exams.
Freehand 3D – supported on PureWave and linear transducers, including iSlice displays to view up to 25 images from volume data.
Multiport adaptor – allows up to three imaging transducers to be connected to the system, so you can easily switch transducers mid-exam.

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