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High performance compact ultrasound  

Philips CX30 CompactXteme ultrasound system goes wherever you need it, bringing ultrasound excellence to the bedside and beyond. A fully-featured system in a compact package, it combines portability with utility to fit almost any clinical situation.

A workhorse that aids workflow
The CX30 was designed to make portable exams easy and efficient. With a single button, iSCAN technology automatically samples data for quick optimization for 2D and Doppler performance. In addition, the CX30 system stores active native acoustic data giving you the ability to adjust all scanning parameters on single images, clips or stored 2D and Doppler data. Images can be readjusted during or after the exam, enhancing diagnostic details, allowing for reduced exam times, and reducing the need for repeat studies.

High performance everywhere

Portable exams are a challenge, and getting clear diagnostic data is complicated by many factors. The compact size of the CX30 makes it ideal for studies when patients cannot or should not be transported to the diagnostic lab. You can easily perform abdominal, vascular, OB/Gyn and cardiac exams at the bedside. Take the CX30 to your patients in the CCU, ICU and ED, and at satellite clinics.

Transducers to meet your needs
The CX30 transducers support a wide range of applications including echo, FAST, abdominal, thoracic, biliary, obstetrical exams, as well as imaging support for vascular access procedures, such as line placements. The CX30 transducers include linear, compact linear, sector and curved arrays.

Extreme portability

Use the CX30 system on a specially designed cart to effortlessly maneuver throughout your hospital. Hand carry with its built-in handle when quick responses are needed. And pack in its special travel case for easy transport to remote locations.

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